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"Drapeau de la Principauté" Silk Tie


Raise the flag!

A discreet tribute to one of the symbols of the Principality of Monaco, the teasing "Drapeau de la Principauté" tie defies monotony. An infinity of Monegasque flags can be seen on a navy blue background, revealed by the interplay of the weaving. 

An emblematic accessory for men's wardrobe, this meticulously woven and crafted tie is a classic yet modern must have for masculine elegance.

Color: Navy Blue.

  • 100% silk
  • 156 x 7 cm | Hand-sewn, the dimensions of this tie may vary slightly.

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A Monegasque Designer

A perfect combination of a creative spirit, distinction, and elegance, her talent and refinement ensure a flawless performance! A Monegasque, she spontaneously seized on the creation of the "Symboles de la Principauté" collection.

A note of history

Three main official flags fly in Monaco: the national flag, the state flag and the Prince's banner.

Officially adopted on April 4, 1881 by Prince Charles III and confirmed in article 7 of the 1962 Constitution of Monaco, the flag of Monaco is composed of two horizontal stripes of equal dimensions: one red, one white.

The current design of the national flag dates back to the 19th century, but its colors were chosen as early as the 14th century by the Grimaldi family. They are the colors of the Grimaldi coat of arms, which in turn recall the colors of the coat of arms of the Republic of Genoa, cradle of the Princely Family. (A more romantic interpretation links the flag's red to the blood of Saint Devote, a 4th-century martyr and Saint Patron of the Principality).

The state flag, white with the Principality's coat of arms, flies over the Prince's Palace, government buildings and police stations.

The Principality's coat of arms features a red ermine-lined mantle, topped by the Prince's Crown. On top of this mantle is a shield, fused silver and gules, surrounded by the Collar of the Order of St. Charles and two monks, each armed with a raised sword. The friars stand on a banner bearing the Principality's motto: DEO JUVANTE (with God's help).

The Prince's banner changes with each new prince, and is used only when he is present.

A silk tie of exception

Enhance your suits with this luxurious, elegant and timeless accessory!

Technological prowess and mastered weaving skills reveal the most delicate details and the most color-demanding patterns.

This exceptional piece of high-quality silk is woven and crafted in Italy.

Its red box, the color of Monaco, is made in the Principality from FSC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests.

The tie in the "Le Drapeau de la Principauté" collection celebrates one of the key elements of the Monegasque identity.

The silk

This precious shiny filament, obtained by unwinding the cocoon of a silkworm, naturally requires very high quality production conditions.

Very sensitive to the quality of the environment, the silkworm does not tolerate pollution and feeds only on fresh leaves.

Its breeding requires a know-how of excellence: our craftsmen have selected the best silk farms.

Preserve the beauty of your silk tie : 

  • Store it untied. 
  • Entrust its cleaning to a specialized professional.

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