A resolutely Monegasque house

Monoïkos 1297 is an eco-responsible, local and ethical Monegasque luxury house whose vocation is the elaboration and marketing of luxury handcrafted products, inscribed in the tradition of a certain art of living.

Monoïkos 1297 tells the story of the Principality in design and perfume: all its products are closely linked and developed in correlation with what constitutes the very essence of the Principality. This can be a reference to its history, its heritage, its art of living, its events or its commitments, whether ecological or charitable.

The name Monoïkos 1297 is already a reference to the Principality of Monaco and its history: Monoïkos is in fact the first Greek name for Monaco, a port that has been frequented since ancient times and was associated with Hercules by ancient writers. In 1297, François Grimaldi took the fortress, thus giving birth to the Principality of Monaco.

At the crossroads between luxury and reminiscence of past and present history, the Monoïkos 1297 house is the reference for the gift of the Principality of Monaco.

A creative freedom, a luxury craft

The freedom of creation, the permanent research of the most beautiful materials, the transmission of know-how of excellence, which allow to create useful, durable and elegant objects, forge the singularity of the house Monoïkos 1297.

Fruits of the curious glance of our meetings, of our blows of heart and the know-how of excellence of the craftsmen, the creations answer the objective of Monoïkos 1297, which does not impose any limit of creation and wishes to offer to its customers a heterogeneous range of products, a rich and elaborate catalog.

The raw materials are selected with the greatest care to ensure that each of our products will be an object of exception and high quality.

Each difference is the imprint of the hand of the craftsman who shaped it in the respect of the tradition.

An eco-responsible, committed and solidary house

Very attentive to sourcing, priority is given to artisans located in Monaco, France and Italy.

The raw materials are selected with the utmost
The raw materials are selected with the utmost care in order to make each of its products an exceptional object and to comply with the Government of Monaco's eco-responsible charter.

Monoïkos 1297 not only watches over the quality of its products but also over their mode of production and favors a solidarity-based collaboration guaranteeing fair and equitable revenues.