"Le Cirque" Large silk square


Under the starry skies of Monaco, spectacular moments come to life: exceptional artists from the four corners of the globe invite you on an extraordinary journey.

A genuine kaleidoscope of captivating colors, this big square invites you to explore the enchanting world of the circus.

It is distinguished by its lightness, finesse and extreme softness, adapting to both men's and women's wardrobes! It can be draped around the neck, laid over the shoulders, tied into a turban or even metamorphosed into a bustier.

Colors: Blue, Rosewood, Orange, Multicolour.

  • 100% silk.
  • 135 x 135 cm| Handmade, the dimensions of this square may vary slightly.

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Gifted with a remarkable talent for drawing and color composition, she creates these delicate, circus-like scenes that capture the essence and magic of circus artists, transporting spectators into a fairy-tale world.

A talented and passionate artist, she intertwines the gestures of the traditional brush with a subtle mastery of the graphic tablet stylus, thus demonstrating a harmonious fusion between classical artistic techniques and contemporary digital tools.

Her collaboration with illustrious luxury houses bears witness to her artistic excellence, which she joyfully and enthusiastically displayed in the creation of the "Circus in Monaco" collection for Monoïkos 1297!


The circus, a fascinating performance combining acrobatics, animal training and comedy, has ancient origins in cultures throughout the world. Its roots can be traced back to Egyptian and Roman civilizations, which practiced entertainment that showcased human agility, strength and ingenuity. 

However, the modern circus as we know it today emerged in the 18th century. In England, Philip Astley, a former horseman, opened a circular amphitheater in London in 1768, thus marking the beginning of the modern circus. He introduced equestrian acts, jugglers, acrobats and clowns, creating a popular form of entertainment.

In 1974, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, a great circus enthusiast, undertook the creation of a festival to support traditional circus and circus families: thus was born the very first Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo.

The festival features a meticulous selection of the most exceptional circus acts from all over the world, and crowns the winners of the "Gold Clowns" (Clowns d’or), "Silver Clowns (Clowns d'argent)" and "Bronze Clowns” (Clowns de bronze) at a prestigious gala evening.

The love of the circus is passed on from generation to generation: in 2005, Princess Stéphanie, daughter of Rainier III, in turn became President of this prestigious festival, and in 2012, thereby perpetuating the family heritage, she and her eldest daughter, Pauline Ducruet, created the New Generation Festival, an international competition showcasing emerging circus talents, providing a stage for young artists to demonstrate their virtuosity and creativity.

Since its creation by Prince Rainier III in 1974, the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo has established itself as one of the most prestigious and renowned events in the circus arts, bringing together the greatest talents in this discipline.

The year 2024 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, bringing to a close the celebrations of Prince Rainier III's centenary. An enduring legacy that continues to dazzle audiences the world over.


Monoïkos 1297 giant squares are 100% silk and made in France. 

Entrusted to craftsmen trained to excellence, the utmost importance is given to impeccable finishing to guarantee unrivalled quality in the confection.

The boxes are meticulously designed in the Principality with FSC certified paper from responsibly managed forests. 

This scarf, with extreme lightness, delicacy, and softness, from the collection "Le Cirque" highlights through its designs some of the spectacular and dazzling acts of the circus art.

The silk

The silk for this large scarf has been carefully selected. This precious, shiny filament, obtained by unwinding a silkworm’s cocoon, naturally requires very high-quality production conditions. Highly sensitive to the quality of its environment, the silkworm cannot tolerate pollution and feeds only on fresh leaves. Its cultivation demands exceptional expertise: our artisans have chosen the finest sericulture farms.

Preserve the beauty of your large silk scarf:

• Store it flat and untied.
• Avoid direct contact with perfume.
• Entrust cleaning to a specialized professional.

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