Monoïkos 1297

"Le Jardin Exotique" Malicieux


Discover the exuberance, uniqueness, and natural surrealism of the Exotic Garden in this clever silk ribbon!  

Whether worn on your wrist, draped around your neck, as an accessory on your hat, or delicately tied in your hair, let yourself be captivated by the enchanting atmosphere of the Exotic Garden!

Color: Green, Red.  

• 100% silk
• 105 x 5.5 cm | Hand-sewn, the dimensions of this ribbon may vary slightly.  

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A talented artist

Gifted with remarkable drawing talent and expert mastery of color composition, she brings exquisite delicacy to life in her paintings. Her tribute to nature, through stunning yet authentic settings, captures the essence and magic of the surreal landscape offered by the Exotic Garden, thus transporting viewers to a fairy-tale world that is nonetheless very real.

A passionate and talented artist, she merges the traditional brushwork with the subtle skill of the graphic tablet stylus, creating a harmony between classical artistic techniques and contemporary digital tools.

Her collaboration with renowned luxury houses attests to her artistic excellence, which she has joyfully and enthusiastically deployed in the creation of the “Le Jardin Exotique de Monaco” collection for Monoïkos 1297!

A note of history

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is a true gem of the Principality, a verdant oasis suspended between sky and sea, offering a dazzling spectacle of nature in all its splendor. Situated on a hillside, this unique botanical garden is a genuine ode to biodiversity, a place where rare and fascinating plant species from all corners of the world coexist.

The Exotic Garden of Monaco was created under the initiative of Prince Albert I, a great enthusiast of nature and sciences. He began the collection of exotic plants, particularly cacti and succulents, during his travels around the world. Inaugurated in 1933 by Prince Louis II, the Exotic Garden of Monaco was designed as a sanctuary for exotic plants, especially cacti and succulents, which are cherished and preserved here in an environment that faithfully replicates their natural habitat.

Strolling through the garden’s pathways, one is immediately struck by the diversity and beauty of shapes and colors. Giant, sculptural cacti reach towards the sky, while thick, fleshy agave leaves bask in the sunlight. All of this is enhanced by an unbeatable panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Principality of Monaco.

However, the Exotic Garden of Monaco is not just a place for contemplation. It is also a center for research and conservation where scientific work is conducted to preserve these plant species, threatened by climate change and the destruction of their natural habitats.

Lastly, the Exotic Garden of Monaco is also a place of historical significance. It houses the Observatory Cave, a classified prehistoric site where remains of Neanderthal men and extinct animals have been discovered.

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is a world apart, where nature reigns supreme, and where each plant, each rock, each view of the sea tells a story. It is a magical place that amazes and inspires, bearing witness to the Principality’s commitment to preserving our precious biodiversity.

A product of exception

Its elongated shape provides an original base for the designs in each of our collections. A technological feat reveals the most delicate details and the most demanding color patterns. Its box, its red case—the color of Monaco—is made in the Principality from FSC-certified paper sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The “Le Malicieux” from the “Le Jardin Exotique de Monaco” collection captures the very essence and ineffable magic of the surreal landscape that unfolds before the eyes in the Exotic Garden.

The silk

This precious, shiny filament, obtained by unwinding a silkworm’s cocoon, naturally requires very high-quality production conditions. Highly sensitive to environmental quality, the silkworm cannot tolerate pollution and feeds only on fresh leaves. Its cultivation demands exceptional expertise: our artisans have selected the finest sericulture farms.

Preserve the beauty of your “Malicieux”:

• Store it flat and untied, or in its original box rolled up.
• Avoid contact with perfume.
• Entrust cleaning to a specialized professional.

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