"Prince Explorateur" Reed Diffuser


This home fragrance will immerse you in a unique olfactory atmosphere: a scent of adventure and exploration, an escape to the open sea. The scent of the Mediterranean blends with the modern fragrances brought by the wood of the ships and the plants discovered during the many expeditions of Prince Albert I.

  • 200ml – 6,8 Oz
  • Prix TTC : 98€

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Le Prince Explorateur is a charismatic fragrance like a navigator in search of adventure. Built around an alliance between a particularly masculine accord of fern and a modernity brought by slightly marine woody notes, this fragrance is an invitation to travel, to discover...

Spicier notes will reveal the adventurous and ambitious character of this fragrance.


Top notes: Elemi, Grapefruit, Bergamot

Heart notes: Fern, Cardamom, Marine notes

Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli, Vetiver

A note of history

Albert I (1848-1922) was one of the most enlightened princes of his time.

He was nicknamed "the learned Prince" or "the navigator Prince" because of his abysmal love for science and in particular for the oceans. 

A true Jules Verne character, he led no less than 28 scientific campaigns, from Spitzberg to the Azores and in 1910, he inaugurated the Oceanographic Museum.

 Also passionate about prehistory, the Prince founded a Museum of Anthropology in 1902, to exhibit his discoveries.

A convinced humanist and pacifist, he dreamed of participating in the improvement of the world: he created the International Institute of Peace.

For him, progress must be at the service of mankind and this ideal of well-being for mankind does not prevent him from keeping a distance and from being aware of the limits of industrial progress, by its possible attacks on the environment and biodiversity.

Albert I undertook profound reforms on the political, economic and social levels.

The Prince was at the forefront of the avant-garde and brought Monaco into modernity: He provided the Principality with a Constitution, had the port enlarged, created a hospital, a high school, a library... 

 This multi-faceted Prince, through his humanism, his patronage, his art of governing, his scientific curiosity and his pioneering awareness of environmental issues, greatly contributed to the influence of his country.


All the components of Monoïkos 1297 diffusers have been subjected to a rigorous sourcing. The solution of this reed diffuser has been the subject of much research and a draconian selection to guarantee you the best quality.

The perfumes are developed in partnership with renowned perfumers in Grasse, with a particular interest in natural essences.

The diffusion by capillarity is done naturally thanks to the 100% natural rattan reeds.

The glass is a 100% recyclable material of quality having specific characteristics of transparency, imputrecibility, impermeability. It is also incombustible and non-flammable.

Rattan is a climbing vine from the rotang tree, a member of the palm family. It grows naturally in the tropical and swampy regions of Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. It is an elegant, flexible and durable material that grows extremely fast, thus, its exploitation does not harm the environment.

The blue box, like the waters of the Mediterranean, is made in the Principality from FSC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests. 


The diffuser does not produce flame, thus allowing a use in full safety.

Its diffusion is constant, it permanently diffuses its fragrance, it is simply recommended to flip the reeds once a week


Reuse this box that transports you across the oceans as a pencil box, small jewelry box, cufflink box or as a simple storage box.

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