"Losanges" Triangle


Resolutely modern by its format and its very geometrical patterns, this giant triangle takes up the Monegasque diamond under different variations.

Adopt a new way of twisting your look with this precious cashmere and silk triangle. Several ways to wear it: around the neck, around the waist, around the head, on the shoulders, a new must-have for your wardrobe.

  • 70% cashmere, 30% silk
  • 180 x 90 cm 

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An inspired artist

Cradled by the sun of south-eastern France, this young illustrator was able to quickly tame the play of shadows and lights. Today, she lives in Paris where the summer waves of her childhood constantly influence her work and her good mood. After having proven herself for other major brands, she welcomed a collaboration with Monoïkos 1297 with enthusiasm.


This collection is inspired by the Monegasque coat of arms. The lozenges take up the shield of the coat of arms of Monaco, tapered Argent and Gules. The shield, or coat of arms, is decorated with white diamonds, the silver, and red diamonds, the gules.

Other components of the Principality's history are present:

The two monks, each carrying a sword, illustrate the founding episode of the Grimaldi dynasty. Indeed, it was in 1297 that François Grimaldi, known as Malizia, (the crafty in Italian) and his companions stormed the fortress of Monaco, disguised as Franciscan friars with swords hidden under their cassocks.

The collar that surrounds the shield represents the Order of Saint-Charles, the highest national distinction. It was instituted in 1858 by Prince Charles III as an affirmation of the sovereignty of the country and is awarded by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco to reward merit and services rendered to the State or to his person.

The closed princely crown represents sovereignty.

And finally, the motto " Deo Juvante ", written on the banner and which is translated "with the help of God".

This maxim was that of Lambert Grimaldi who in 1477 became the motto of the Grimaldi dynasty. Lambert Grimaldi having succeeded by a game of alliances and "with the help of God" to free himself from the Genoese influence.


The large Monoïkos 1297 triangle tops are the result of a weave between silk, the noble fiber par excellence, and cashmere, of undeniable softness.

70% cashmere and 30% silk, they are made in France.

The detail making the difference, our demand for quality goes through perfect finishes, carried out by craftsmen trained in excellence for the confection. For example, the roulottage, a delicate hem made à la française, from the wrong side to the right side is done by hand.

Its box, its case, red, the color of Monaco, is made in the Principality of FSC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests.


The cashmere of this garment has been carefully chosen.

Thin and light, cashmere is warmer and more insulating than sheep's wool.

The fineness of its fibers makes it incredibly soft and extremely resistant.

Well-cared for cashmere lasts a lifetime. Take care of it and you can pass it on to future generations.

In order to preserve its quality over the long term, we
recommend keeping it flat and untied and having it cleaned by a professional.

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