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Illustrations in cascade, each essential element of the Monaco circuit is present on this stole: the different car models for each Grand Prix (electric, historical and formula 1), the track marshals, crucial on this demanding circuit, the pilots, indispensable, symbolized by the helmets, the flags, major, to guarantee the good progress of the race and the bottles of champagne, unavoidable, to celebrate the victory !

An elegant and exclusive design limited to 100 pieces, created for the Monaco Grand Prix and for Monoïkos 1297.

A 100% cotton stole that sparkles !

  • 100% cotton
  • 140 x 140 cm| Hand sewn, the dimensions of this stole may vary slightly.

Free delivery in France (5 to 6 days) & Monaco 24h



Cradled by the sun and the beaches of southeastern France, this young illustrator grew up with her head full of pop colors! Today, she lives in Paris where the summer waves of her childhood constantly influence her work and her good mood. After having proven itself for other major brands, it welcomed a collaboration with Monoïkos 1297 with enthusiasm.

A note of history

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the oldest and most prestigious races in the world.

Created in 1929 by Antony Noghès, the Monaco circuit, designed in the heart of the city, has almost entirely retained its original layout, a narrow and winding track, which makes it one of the most demanding circuits on the Championship calendar. Formula 1 world.

Pole position is born in Monaco! Until 1933, the starting grids were determined by drawing lots. However, in Monaco, where it is difficult to overtake, this system was not very fair. Antony Noghès then proposed to take into account the best times achieved to determine the starting grid and also suggested that the first place be on the right, on the first row.

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​also the first Grand Prix to have officially adopted the checkered flag in 1934 (inspired by the one used in Indianapolis) and it was only three years later, in 1937, that this flag was integrated into the code. international athlete of the AIACR and has become the universal symbol of victory.

The Monaco circuit measures 3,367 km.

The start is from Port Hercule, then it winds through the streets of Monte-Carlo and La Condamine, linking tight turns in the middle of protective rails: the track is narrow and demanding and makes overtaking difficult.

After the start line, the drivers go up Boulevard Albert Ier and rush into the first right-hand corner of “Sainte Dévote”, the place of numerous collisions in the first lap. They then begin the very steep climb of “Beau-Rivage” to the very tight left-right of “Casino”. From there, the drivers go down to the right-hand corner of “Mirabeau”, then comes the hairpin on the left “Grand Hôtel”, the slowest corner of the championship. The “Portier” section then leads to the sea and the pilots pass through the tunnel which leads to the chicane near the port. At the exit of the tunnel, the fastest section of the circuit, the single-seaters approach 300 km/h. After a short straight on the Quai des Etats-Unis, comes the left-hand bend of the “Bureau de Tabac”, the left-right section of the Piscine, then a very difficult hairpin on the right at “La Rascasse”. The drivers finally approach the “Anthony Noghès” bend before the pit line and the finish.

It is certainly one of the most demanding circuits on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar. It is the most glamorous, the most prestigious, the most popular Grand Prix and above all the one that every driver and every team wants earn !


Monoïkos 1297 stoles are 100% made of cotton and manufactured in France.

The detail making the difference, our requirement of quality passes by perfect finishings, achieved by craftsmen trained to excellence for the confection.

The roulottage, a delicate French hem, from back to front is handmade.

The black box, like car tires, is made in the Principality of Monaco from FSC certified paper from responsibly managed forests.

The Grand Prix pareo stole is part of the ephemeral "Grand Prix" collection, a stole of extreme lightness, finesse and softness that illustrates in drawing a major event of the Principality of Monaco.

The cotton

The cotton of this garment has been carefully chosen.

Cotton is a natural, vegetable fiber and one of the oldest fibers and one of the most used in the world.

Like most natural fibers, cotton is a breathable material. It has the particularity of not being too hot in summer and very pleasant in winter.

A cotton stole will not soak up your sweat and will always remain very comfortable to wear.

In order to preserve its quality over the long term, we recommend that you wash this stole with a mild detergent at 30°C or better still wash it by hand with a teaspoon of white alcohol vinegar and let it dry at dish or entrust its maintenance to a specialist.

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