From the design to the label, the development of our candles is done in a perimeter of less than 120km from Monaco. Working as close as possible to our craftsmen is an absolute priority for Monoïkos 1297.

For example, the printer of our boxes is located in Monaco, a few hundred meters from our offices!

This company is specialized in the realization of luxury cardboard packaging for the perfumery and cosmetics sectors since 1951.

Its extreme demand for quality in all its services, its state-of-the-art equipment associated with a real ambition for quality, flexibility and reactivity, and its high level of environmental responsibility have earned it our trust as well as that of the biggest brands in the sector.

We are certainly the smallest of its customers, but surely the most present in its premises! We never miss an opportunity to visit them in their workshops, which allows us to settle in a few moments all the questions that may arise during the very complex realization of our boxes !